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Via Cavour 21 Red

+39 055 218 977

Florence Tours is a tourist agency (affiliated with a tour operator) that sells and organizes bike tours, guided tours in the historic center of Florence, and guided visits to museums and churches in Florence and Tuscany. Florence Tours provides tours with authorized guides in the following languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Romanian, and Turkish. Florence Tours will gladly provide you with a detailed explanation of all available tours in order to help you find the tour that best suits your needs. Also, Florence Tours provides city and mountain bikes for rent for those wishing to explore the city on their own.

Bicycle Rentals


Life is like a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.
— Unknown


  • Children's Bike- €3.00
  • Mountain/City Bike- €4.00
  • Tandem Bike- €7.00


  • Children's Bike- €10.00
  • Mountain/City Bike- €15.00
  • Tandem Bike- €20.00


  • Children's Bike- €12.00
  • Mountain/City Bike- €20.00
  • Tandem Bike- €30.00



A “footbike” is a scooter with large wheels that can be utilized for transportation or as a fun way to get some exercise.  The front wheel is generally larger than the back wheel, and there is a platform from which the rider can stand and kick off the ground.  Footbikes are an excellent means of exercise and require very little maintenance.  No matter your age, a footbike can make you feel like a kid again!


Like with all forms of exercise, footbiking burns calories!  The amount of calories burned lies somewhere in between those consumed during bicycling and running.  Footbiking can easily be incorporated into many different lifestyles and rarely results in injury.  Men can reach a top speed of 30km/hr over a distance of 40km; women traveling over a distance of 40km can travel at a top speed of 27km/hr.  The number of calories that one can burn depends on his or her weight and physical ability.  A sample chart is shown below for a person with relatively good physical fitness and a decent kicking technique for the footbike.


*Calories Burned from Footbiking for a person who weighs approximately 143lbs

*Calories Burned from Footbiking for a person who weighs approximately 165lbs

(***Tables based on calorie consumption for footbiking from


Are you in need of a bicycle during your stay in Forence?

If you purchase a new bicycle, we will buy it back when you leave!

This offer may benefit students who stay in Florence for a semester or two or for workers who are in need of a comfortable and cheap way to move around the city.  How does this offer work?  For €150.00, you will receive a new, single-speed, unisex bicycle and a basket.

At the end of your stay in Florence, we will buy back your bike at the following rates:


  • 1 month-  €55.00
  • 2 months-  €45.00
  • 3 months-  €40.00
  • 4 months- €35.00
  • 5 months-  €30.00

Do you also need a lock?

  • Ilsa lock-  €10.50 (safe)
  • Abus lock-  €39.90 (very safe)

Contact us for more information regarding this offer.